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Chicken Meat

Chicken meat is the most widely accepted form of non vegetarian food in our country. The demand of chicken is growing rapidly with almost 71 % of Indians now being non vegetarian. A great source of protein and the leanest meat available it has a bright future for further growth in demand in the country.

Chicken Meat Parts

Why Our Chicken Meat Parts?

  • Tender and juicy meat
  • Fresh
  • Consumes less time while cooking
  • Hygienically packed

Whole Chicken

Whole Bird Dresses with Skin On / Skinless With or W/O Edible Giblets available in different grades as per the customers specifications Single Pack.


Boneless Chicken Meat

Breast & Thigh parts of the Chicken are processed on a Semi Automatic Cone Deboner for removing the boneless part from the whole carcass. The Fillets are further Trimmed for removal of any excess Fat as per the customer’s specification. Available in 2kg Institutional packing & 500 gms tray pack for the Retail read more...

Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken legs separated from the thigh, available in 2kg institutional packs and 500 gms tray pack for retail sector.


Chicken Wings

Chicken wings available s 3 pc wings, or drum and flat winglets. The latest sensation in all restaurants and cafes. This products is a great snack, handy and tastes excellent. Also it can be used to make chicken lollipops, another upcoming product in the market. Available in 2kg institutional packs and 500 gms retail read more...

Mechanically Deboned Chicken Meat

Mechanically deboned meat as the name suggests is a form of minced meat produced from various part of the chicken and is an excellent ingredient of further processors and is widely used in producing multiple ready to eat chicken products . processed in imported machinery we provide the best quality MDM, available in 5 kg read more...

Chicken Carcass

Soup Cut-The left over skeleton of the dressed chicken after removing all the other parts like breast, thigh, drumsticks, wings etc is called the Carcass or the Soup Cut.


Minced Chicken Meat

We are a prominent Minced Chicken Meat Suppliers based in India. Minced Chicken Meat is minced from de-boned chicken and is acclaimed for easy cooking mechanism. The Minced Chicken Meat that we provide is available in various packages suiting different requirements of the clients.